Following many holidays in France we discovered Normandy. Soft and gentle valleys with quaint fairy tale cottages, manoirs and chateau. Wonderful beaches, markets and a pace of life that is hard to find in a modern world. We decided to buy our 400 year old timber framed longere in 2002 as a second home. Many adventures followed. We worked hard to create a home and learned many lessons, formed many contacts and got to know our region well. In 2016 we ‘upped sticks’ and took the plunge to create a new life in our little domaine.‚Äč

Normandy Property Services was created from our personal experiences of buying and creating our home. Pete had a property background from the UK and purchased and sold properties for clients. Having worked for large companies. He then cut his teeth as an Agent Commercial in the region working with an international estate agency. Jan brings her creative skills to help to create a vision for people. Both in the house and outside in the garden. Decoration, soft furnishings, painted furniture, art (Jan is an artist) and some inspiration laced with practicality and an awareness of the need to budget.

Pete and Jan work together as a team harnessing their collective talents. They take on projects to help clients to realize their vision. But also realize the simple needs for peace of mind, security checks, key holding, emergencies, tradesmen and all the other things that they know will happen.

Normandy Property Services are about peace of mind to help clients to find their dream home with a range of services to smooth that path. Look after the needs that crop up, and also assist a sale if it is time for a change. All personally tailored towards the client.